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Martina Caviezel is a Parent Empowerment coach and mother to four amazing children. She was born and lived in Argentina until the age of 10, when she moved to and grew up in Switzerland. She and her husband moved to the USA in 1997.

Martina has a passion for learning and is innately curious. She is diligent about keeping her mind and perspective open in order to always be learning more. Her soul comes alive when she uses her gifts and talents to support, uplift and empower others to live their best life!

Martina says her mom made raising herself and her 3 siblings look so easy.  But when she became pregnant with her 4th child, she feared she would not quite know how to manage – the overwhelm, chaos, fatigue, frustration and worry around losing control left her searching for answers. In her quest to find a way to parent that felt right for her and her family she found Debbie Ford’s integrative life coach training and became a certified master coach. She also discovered that good parenting isn’t about learning how to control your children, it is all about awakening the parent in order to empower their children. 

Having one differently abled child and one high spirited child exposed her to every possible parenting scenario you could imagine. It taught her to be open to new and different ideas and has made her very understanding to all the challenges parents might face. Martina will also admit that she has made every possible mistake along the way, but practices self forgiveness often, knowing that she is not aiming for perfection, but at being the best she can be.

Martina is very real and down to earth and has a huge capacity for love and understanding exactly where her client is and still yearns to be. Through compassionately creating a safe space for them to start exactly where they are, allows her clients to give up self judgements and comparisons, and become more gentle and compassionate with themselves. 

She created the course Art of Parenting to deeply support parents. The course helps parents step into the ideal version of themselves, the one that they have always envisioned themselves to be.

Martina is also a yoga instructor, essential oils educator, certified master coach, international best-selling author and speaker.