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I do what I do because growing up as the youngest of 4 I did not always feel that I was being seen or heard, life was more about fitting in, – do what is expected, then you will be liked, appreciated, successful… you fill in the blank. Being bullied did not help me with feeling heard, seen and free to be myself either. It seemed to me that whether you are the popular kid or the unpopular one, it is all about fitting in. And this caused a lot of heartache for me and a lot of stress in my life. I felt trapped, and I imagine many of you can relate to this. Imagine what a world would look like where children grow up feeling heard, seen, loved and free to be uniquely and authentically themselves. A world where they are supported to be uniquely different and celebrated for their new and refreshing ideas. One where our children no longer need to hide or play small out of fear of being judged. A world where they can clearly see the light in others because they own the light in themselves. What would have been possible for you if you grew up in a world like that? There would be less fighting, less anxiety, less worry and heaviness, life would be more peaceful and calm. And I want to be part of bringing that peace and calm to this world. I want to be part of ending our internal war. That is why I am working with parents. If we parents can be free to be ourselves, we will in turn model this for our children. Because empowered parents create the space for their children to grow up empowered. If you wish to join me in creating this amazing world together, I created these gifts for your start on this journey.

Mom’s Self Care Guide

Mom + Better Self- Care = Better Mom

Calm Mom Meditation

Practical Insights on Parenting:

Please enjoy this collection of short impromptu videos of me sharing insights and reflections from my morning walks. Just a heads up, these videos were unscripted, unplanned and remain unedited, so you will have a very personal peek of me as is, messy hair and barefaced first thing in the morning. Real, raw and uncensored… Enjoy! 

Endless Lists

Amazing Pride


Filling your Tank

Celebrate yourself!


Should do/have to


Wishful thinking

Quick Reset